Angelo Vermeulen

(born 1971) is a Belgian visual artist and scientist.[1] His multidisciplinary oeuvre crosses over the boundaries of biologytechnologyand community. Vermeulen won the Witteveen+Bos Art+Technology Award in 2012.[2] He is crew commander of HI-SEAS, a Mars simulation study on improving the nutritional value of space food, funded by NASA.[3] As a TED Senior Fellow he travels the world to share information about his art and scientific projects.



Vermeulen is crew commander of a four-month Mars simulation mission. HI-SEAS (Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation) takes place on the flanks of the Mauna Loa Volcano which is the closest approximation of the actual surface of Mars.[10] The mission intends to study improving the taste and nutritional quality of the meals consumed during a spaceflight.[11] Previous spaceflight simulations such as MARS-500 proved the importance of the quality of the food during long periods of isolation of this nature.[12] During the mission, Vermeulen is in charge of a six-man crew consisting of researchers from different backgrounds.[12] Among the other researchers Oleg Abramov, Simon Engler, Kate Green, Sian Proctor and Yajaira Sierra Sastre, Vermeulen is the only European member of the crew. Due to his experience in community building in complex conditions, such as Biomodd and other projects, he is commissioned as the leader of the crew. Aside from the food study, Vermeulen investigates the possibilities of remote-operated robotic agriculture in order to create semi-autonomous farms for Mars settlement.[12] The mission is initiated by NASA in collaboration with Cornell University of New York and the University of Manoa in Hawaii.[12]


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