Philip Pocock

In 2006, Philip Pocock created SpacePlace: Art in the Age of Orbitization with Peter Weibel, ZKM, Axel Heide and Onesandzeros. As well as being an on-line, web2.0Mashup (digital) and repository for Outer Space-related art and culture, the SpacePlace database generated a multimedia platform, SpacePlace mobile, as well as a dual-screen, free public access Bluetooth installation for specific locations, such as ZKMax, Munich, Germany, where urban guest were greeted by a cellphone message and projected video wobbling to the sound of outer space, opening June 7, 2006, in support of the [United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs] conference in Vienna to check and balance peaceful and cultural utilization of near Earth orbit. and beyond.

Philip Pocock produced and directed in collaboration with several art and design school students and grads, the ZKM Island YOUniverse in Second Life, with cyber-robotic avatars, avatar-sensing cinema structures, participatory and converging with a Moblog and mobile media sculpture presented at the YOU_ser: The Century of the Consumer exhibition curated by Peter Weibel at ZKM, Karlsruhe. User-generated images are emailed to Second Life mashup cinemas. ZKM Island in Second Life presents vitrine architecture in a globally warmed wasteland, each supermodern structure’s components simultaneously screen, wall and window, sensitive to avatar movement and orientation. A Boxing Ring where avatars can get in the ring with six German cultural theorists and philosophy cyber-robotic avatars and punch it out while waxing philosophy, just for fun.


publicado el Mayo 31, 2014

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